Box Themes Affiliate Program
Do you have a small business website or personal blog? Do you seek the way to make extra money on your site? Let’s join our affiliate program with 35% commission per sale by promoting our products right on your site!
Why should you join?
Earn 35% commission per sale tracked through your referral links to our website.
Get paid monthly via PayPal account.
No cost to join.
Materials and exclusive content are ready for you to promote.
Who should join?
Anyone with a website, blog, Twitter or Facebook account whose followers care about web application and WordPress platform.
Terms and rules
Once you successfully sign up as our affiliate, you will be provided an affiliate link to place it in your site. We also send you an email to give you some affiliate materials, including documentation, banners, and product overview.
You must have an active account to receive the payment.
You will earn 35% commission on all sales that you refer using your affiliate link. To get paid, you must generate two or more sales and exceed the $50 payout minimum.
The commission will be paid via PayPal within 30 days of the transaction of the month’s end.
You must have an active site, blog, or social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn where you place your affiliate link.
You MUST NOT use your affiliate link to purchase our products. Doing so will result in a reversal of commission and possible termination of your membership.
We won’t pay the commission for any affiliates whose domains name contain our brand-related keywords (i.e.,, etc.) or coupon-code links/free download links to mislead your visitors.
In the event of a chargeback or refund made on a paid transaction, you will be contacted to refund any funds earned on that transaction to us.

If you have any further questions regarding our Affiliate Program, don’t hesitate to contact us via email [email protected] We look forward to partnering with you!