We’re happy to say that WP Freelance is finally here, a complete freelance marketplace WordPress theme for small businesses.
Starting out from the vision of creating a feature-rich freelance marketplace theme to help entrepreneurs do business, our team has worked together, put all our knowledge and experience to build a professional WordPress theme.
There’s so much we want to introduce about this premium theme for freelance marketplace. After months preparing for this debut, now it’s time to introduce every bit of our excitement with you.
1. A Seamless Project Bidding Process
Bidding is the most important feature, which also sets freelance marketplace model apart from small service platform. What is bidding feature, why is it needed for a freelance marketplace and how does it work?
Bidding is the action done by freelancers when they are interested in a specific project but have to compete with other freelancers to win over that job.
The process goes like this: A freelancer will set a bid amount and write a proposal letter to the project owners to persuade them why he/she is the best choice. After receiving many bids from different freelancers, the client will consider thoroughly and make the final decision to grant the contract to a freelancer.

Why bidding is necessary? Well, you might think the project owner can browse among different freelancers on site and pick one to do the project. However, it’s not that simple since projects posted on a freelance website are not as small as 5 bucks, but rather a bigger deal which is worth from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Due to the larger scale with a lot of requirements set out of a project, the client wants to find a freelancer having all necessary skills to fulfill the tasks. Therefore, just looking around freelancers’ profiles is not enough to choose a qualified candidate, but a more formal process is needed: project bidding. Project bidding helps eliminate uninterested freelancers as only interested ones will apply as well as gives an equal chance for every member, even the new ones – the group receiving the least notice from the clients.
2. Stay Secure With Safe Payment Gateways

Security is the most concerned matter for all web activities. And security in payment is of utmost importance of online businesses. Money is stolen, your clients get angry, you’re hurt too. Understanding this issue, we’ve integrated PayPal payment gateway to protect the payment process.In the future, we do plan to develop more payment gateways for WP Freelance. And the great news is all extra payment gateways are free!
3. Gain Trust By Ratings and Reviews System

Social proof is one of the most used factor people reply on to make purchase decision. Ratings and reviews from other users are typical examples. A freelancer whose works are rated 5 out of 5 stars with compliments from previous clients are more likely to get chosen than the one with lower ratings and negative reviews.
To ensure the quality of the feedback system on your freelance marketplace website, only the clients having worked with the freelance can review and rate him/her.
4. Dispute Management Available

Things don’t always go right but wrong sometimes. Dispute between clients and freelancers can happen due to several reasons. Having advance preparation for this situation is better than nothing at all. Dispute section allows clients to submit the dispute to website admin who acts as a neutral third party to decide who’s the winner.
5. Multiple Homepage Templates To Reflect Your Own Style

Minimal, elegant design is our philosophy. Just add what’s necessary, and leave out all redundant details. Users come to a freelance marketplace website to do serious business so the focus on the job is top priority. We spend more concentration on the user experience (UX) to guide users through complicated process without getting distracted along the way.
What’s more exciting is our multiple homepage templates, allowing you to freely choose the one that perfectly matches your business style. The first version of WP Freelance comes with a homepage layout, and the others will come later (but very soon) as you’re get used to going back and forth with the theme.
6. Effective Ways To Make Money

For sure we cannot miss out this part. In a freelance marketplace platform, the most effective monetizing method is Commission fee. And WP Freelance allows you to take commission fee.
For each transaction to take place on your site, you – as a site admin – will extract a portion of the payment and the rest will come to freelancers’ pockets. Commission fee method is profitable as it doesn’t miss out any transaction going through the site.
In the first version of WP Freelance, project posting is free but the promoted package (available in the next versions) will be offered to users and this is another potential income source for you.

7. Full Back-end Control

This is the first view of WP Freelance Dashboard in the back-end. Management is made easy with different sections for each major category. Name a few tabs and what it has inside.
8. “Fast And Furious” Customer Support
We love what we’re doing and we’re happy to help you grow your business. We don’t stop at coding a theme, selling it to you and then leaving you alone with the troubles. We’re always available when you need help. Just give us a shout out via our support channel and we’ll work things out together.
9. One Price, One Theme and All Adds-On (For Free)
We hate complex packages with restricted access to full functionalities. At Box Themes, there’s only 1 simple price. But what comes with it is an amazing bundle. You’ll get WP Freelance Theme plus All Adds-On. Simple as it is!
One more thing, our theme comes with 30-day money back guarantee. You don’t like it, it’s our fault, money is sent back to you, no questions asked.
10. Buy It When It’s Hot. 25% Discount For You
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