Translate WPFreelance Theme to Another Language

This tutorial will help you translate WPFreelance Theme from English to another language to better serve customers on your freelance marketplace website.

Method 1: Using PoEdit Translation Tool

  1. Install the free PoEdit translation tool.
  2. Open the PoEdit tool and load the language file en.po of WPFreelance Theme from the folder wp-content/themes/wpfreelance/lang/.
  3. Do the translation to your desired language.
  4. Save the .po file in the folder wp-content/lang/ and name this file regarding your locale.  For example, if you translate to French language, name your file as wpfreelance-fr_FR.po. The system will automatically generate a corresponding .mo file in the same folder.

* Note: From the first time, the “lang” folder mentioned in step 4 does not exist in your server root. Therefore, you need to create one to store your translation file.

Method 2: Using Loco Translate Plugin

If you find the first method complicated, you can try installing Loco Translate plugin to your WPFreelance Theme and start translating.

* Note: To prevent your translation file from being deleted due to automatic updates, read this guide to decide where you should save your file.

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