How to setup home page like the demo site.

This tutorial let you know how to setup the home page like our demo site with video.

There are 2 parts on this tutorial:

Setup the layout for home page.

From WordPress dashboard. Go to ‘Pages’ Menu => Create 1 new page with title page :”Home page” and template “Landing page 1”. Like this screenshot

From WordPress dashboard, go to Settings => Reading=> and select “Home page” for the “Homepage” dropdown like this screenshot

Then save to complete this part.

Setup header menu.
From WordPress dashboard => Go to Appearances Menu => Menus => Create a menu with name “Header menu” => Assign this menu for the “Top Menu” by tick on the check box, then add new item into this menu. Finish this step by click into the button “Save”.

Setup Footer menu.
Create 3 menus with name: Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3 similar create header menu ( but don’t tick into the checkbox “Display localtion”) and add items menu them.
From WordPress dashboard => Appearances => Customize => Select “Footer Setup” and set the menu for search possition. Like this screenshot

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