If you are nourishing an idea of building an online platform that connects clients and freelancers like Freelancers or Upwork, a probable solution is to start everything from scratch by hiring developers to build your website, which will surely cost you a bunch. Luckily, there’s still another solution for tight-budget small businesses: ready-to-go marketplace WordPress theme that offers you an all-in-one service platform designed for your purposes.

WPFreelance Theme is created with a specific objective which is to help small businesses like you easily build a simple yet professional freelance marketplace where clients and freelancers are connected to get tasks done remotely yet effectively. Using WPFreelance Theme allows you to launch your freelance marketplace website faster and more efficiently.

Employers can post their jobs and work with a reliable freelancer to get tasks done

Employers can post a new job any time by simply hitting the “Post a job” button, fill out job’s requirements as well as the budget the employers are willing to pay for the job. After the job is published and receives bids and proposals from different freelancers, employers will review all the proposals and bidding amount and then select the most suitable freelancer to grant the job to. Next, when the job is in progress, employers and freelancers can easily contact each other via the communication in the job’s workspace on the website. Once the job is finished, employers can leave a rating and review for the freelancer.

Freelancers provide their professional services and grow their career

Freelancers can start by creating a professional profile on site with detailed information about their experiences, skills, and hour rate. Besides, there’s a space for freelancers to upload their portfolio to impress the clients. 

To be awarded a project, freelancers will place a bid with their proposal. Since a freelancer has to compete with other freelancers for a job, to make a reasonably competitive yet reasonable bid is the key to winning a job. Upon successfully securing a job, freelancers will have access to the job’s workspace to communicate with clients as well as submit finished work. When the project is complete, freelancers will have chance to write a review for the clients and receive payments through Wallet System on site.

Admin can easily control everything in Dashboard and monetize their freelance marketplace platform


The perk of using WordPress, and WPFreelance Theme, is that everything can be quickly accessed and controlled in Admin Dashboard. You can manage and configure site settings, such as the site’s logo, payment gateways, commission fee, etc. Moreover, you can also view and keep track with posted projects, member profiles, withdrawal, etc.

WPFreelance Theme equips you with not only necessary functions to have the site run seamlessly but also intuitive customization options so that you can easily customize the theme to match your own style.

The most popular monetization method on marketplace platform is to collect commission fee on each transaction. This charge can be modified to match your site’s concept as to who pays the fee, how much is charged, whether the fee is a fixed amount or a percent amount. 

Another method that will soon be available in WPFreelance Theme is membership plans. You can design different member packages at different prices, offering various benefits and letting users choose a suitable plan for them.

Payment is kept safe in Wallet System


Online transaction usually comes with potential risks, therefore, security in payment is always put at top priority in WPFreelance Theme. Wallet System is created to help you control the payment flow between users on site and to minimize risks of online transaction. When clients select a freelancer to get on their projects, the payment is secured in admin’s account. The payment is only sent to freelancers’ accounts on site after the job is marked as Complete by clients. 

Try WPFreelance Demo to see how it works